OMX BannerOnMusic Explorations is the first step in your students’ journey to explore and hopefully start to untangle the mysterious power that music has on billions of people world-wide every day.

Beginning with a broad introduction to basic music concepts and organizing elements, OnMusic Explorations helps your students dig deeper into the musical components so they can become more perceptive listeners. With this foundation in place, the text shifts focus onto exploring the panorama of music genres from America, Europe, Africa, Japan, and Latin America.

Getting Started

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Section 1: Basic Musical Concepts

Class 1: Can Music Have a Specific Purpose?

Class 2: The Performer’s Role

Class 3: Types of Listeners

Class 4: The Structure of Music

Class 5: Duration, Pitch, and Volume

Class 6: Instrumental and Vocal Timbre

Class 7: Orchestral Timbre

Class 8: Rhythm, Tempo, and Meter

Class 9: Melody

Class 10: Harmony

Class 11: Form

Section 2: Contemporary Genres

Class 12: What Is Jazz?

Class 13: The Blues

Class 14: Pivotal Figures Before Modern Jazz

Class 15: Bebop and the Advent of Modern Jazz

Class 16: Early Exponents of Cool Jazz

Class 17: Miles Davis, Modal Jazz, and Bill Evans

Class 18: Ragtime, Popular Song, and Jazz Roots of Rock

Class 19: Rural Blues and Urban Blues

Class 20: Other African American Roots

Class 21: Swing and Big Bands

Class 22: Rhythm and Blues Becomes Rock and Roll

Class 23: Elvis Presley

Class 24: Rockabilly

Class 25: Bluegrass

Class 26: Soul

Class 27: The British Invasion: The Beatles

Class 28: The British Invasion: The Rolling Stones

Class 29: Folk and Folk Rock

Class 30: Country Rock and Southern Rock

Class 31: Hard Rock

Class 32: Hip-Hop

Section 3: Music of the World

Class 33: Exploring the Landscape of African Music

Class 34: African Instruments, Drum Language, and Popular Music

Class 35: Music of Japan

Class 36: Instruments & Japanese Folk and Pop Music

Class 37: The Many Voices of Latin American Music

Class 38: Music of Colombia

Class 39: In the Concert Hall