This comprehensive title explores music within its historical context, touching upon the social, political, scientific, and artistic landscape of each period. With an emphasis on key composers for each period, OnMusic History Survey features streaming music, listening guides, scores, and much more.

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Getting Started

Class 1: Introduction to the Medieval Period

Class 2: Secular Music in the Middle Ages

Class 3: Medieval Instruments and Instrumental Music

Class 4: Church Music in the Middle Ages

Class 5: Introduction to the Renaissance Period

Class 6: Art and Music in the Renaissance Period

Class 7: Church Music in the Renaissance

Class 8: Secular Music in the Renaissance

Class 9: Renaissance Composers of Secular Music

Class 10: Renaissance Instrumental Music

Class 11: Introduction to the Baroque Period

Class 12: Music Characteristics of the Baroque Period

Class 13: Baroque Vocal Music

Class 14: Baroque Opera Music

Class 15: Baroque Church and Choral Music: Bach

Class 16: Baroque Church and Choral Music: Handel

Class 17: Baroque Instrumental Music

Class 18: Introduction to the Classical Period

Class 19: The Early Classical Period

Class 20: Classical Music Form

Class 21: Joseph Hadyn

Class 22: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Class 23: Beethoven and the Transition to Romanticism

Class 24: Introduction to the Romantic Period

Class 25: Transitional Composers – Franz Schubert: Part I

Class 26: More Transitional Composers

Class 27: The Early Romantic Period

Class 28: The Nationalists

Class 29: The Traditionalists

Class 30: The Progressives and The Post-Romantics

Class 31: Impressionism and Other Post-Romantic Composers

Class 32: Introduction to the Contemporary Period

Class 33: Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern

Class 34: Igor Stravinsky

Class 35: Bartók and the Neo-Nationalists

Class 36: Latin America, Russia, and the United States

Class 37: Music Since World War II

Class 38: A Quick Look at Pop Music