OnMusic Jazz offers learners a listening-based approach to the development of America’s unique art form. The course includes a comprehensive overview of the main repertoire with performers placed in their historical and cultural context through numerous musical selections and videos.

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Getting Started

Section 1: Fundamentals of Music and Jazz Foundations

Music Basics I

Music Basics II

Section 2: Essential Features of Jazz and The Blues

What Is Jazz?

The Blues

Section 3: Basic Features and Origins of Jazz

Basic Features in Jazz – Form and Timbre

Jazz Origins

Section 4: Early Jazz to the Emergence of Swing

Early Jazz

Struttin’ With Some Barbecue

Section 5: Jazz in the 30s and the Musicians Who Shaped It

Swing in the 30s and Duke Ellington

The “Ellington Effect” – Ellington’s sidemen

Section 6: Swing in Chicago, New York, and Kansas City

Goodman, Hampton, and Count Basie

Outstanding Soloists

Section 7: The Advent of Modern Jazz

Bebop and the Advent of Modern Jazz

Jazz Big Bands

Cool Jazz

Early Exponents of Cool Jazz

Influential Figures in Cool Jazz

Hard Bop

Prominent Hard Bop Musicians

Hard Bop in the mid-50s

Section 10: Jazz in the Late 50s and Early 60s

Miles Davis, Modal Jazz, and Bill Evans

John Coltrane

Avant-garde and Free Jazz Musicians

Coleman, Taylor, and Mingus

Figures of Post-bop Jazz

Jazz Fusion

Forever and Beyond

Figures and Bands in Postmodern and Neo-classical Jazz

Other Figures in Post-modern and Neo-classical Jazz

Section 14: Latin Jazz, Globalization of Jazz, and Other Recent Trends

Latin Jazz Musicians and Other Important Figures

Into the 21st Century